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What Does Bracane Company Do?

Bracane Company provides project management solutions to small pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies to conduct multi-phase clinical research projects. And, our expertise enables us to help other customers conduct research projects to evaluate programs, health outcomes and customer experiences through innovative solutions and services. We provide an overall total lower cost to deliver high quality research services. We value reliability, efficiency and consistency for our clients, employees and the company.



Bracane Company Clinical Research

We provide services to organizations conducting clinical research. As a consulting firm, we support pharmaceutical/biotech medical device companies and clinical research organization (CROs) to execute clinical trials for phase I - IV.

Clinical Trial Monitoring

Bracane Company Clinical Trial Solutions

With a team of fully trained professionals, we can manage your clinical trials from startup through phase I - IV trials. We also offer complete training and ongoing support for new physicians and study coordinators. We have the expertise and the resources to support your needs, no matter how varied or complex.


Bracane Company Staffing Solutions

Let Bracane Company help you with your clinical staff resourcing needs. We provide exceptional service for your success. Our services include interviewing and background checks, including drug screening.

Quality Assurance

Bracane Company Quality Assurance

Bracane Company works to analyze clinical research and healthcare requirements, develop ways for protocols to be implemented, and put a system in place to audit protocols for compliance. Organizations rely on Bracane's quality assurance systems to identify areas of improvement and to work with their employees to ensure that regulations are properly understood and followed.

Training & Education

Bracane Company Training and Education

Bracane Company prides itself on providing regular, ongoing training for our clinical research staff. We also offer a full-range of training services to help our organization obtain the right information and hands-on training to complete your clinical trials with precision and efficiency.

Innovative Research Organization

Leading Provider of Project Management for Clinical Programs.

We value reliability, consistency and efficiency for our clients, employees and the company.

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