• Pamela Nelson, RN

How Do We Get There?

Updated: Sep 30

Planning is so important; but we must learn to plan looking at the entire process, the end results that we want to achieve. I have become a fan of quarterly planning goal rather than looking to achieve major goals based on a calendar year. There are a number of resources available to support quarterly planning and achieving short term goals. Michael Hyatt is a popular motivational speaker and expert on quarterly planning to achieve more. Hyatt publishes the Focus Planner which is based on a quarterly system to achieve more with intentional, targeted activities every day. As we move into the next quarter for this year, I am looking forward to planning for shorter outcomes and planning for bigger results. The COVID-19 panic was the highlight for 2020. For months the pandemic captured the news, conversations, took lives and isolated people. The pandemic caused disruption across every platform that we know. Plans were changed, cancelled and others were brought to life. Regardless of our circumstances, the entire world reacted and in a flash we were forced to change course and move in a direction to overcome to survive COVID-19 impact. Short-term planning can be powerful because it is much easier to change your actions and plans over 12 weeks versus 52. The good news, every 12 weeks you get to start over.


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