• Pamela Nelson, RN

Does Your Project Need Rescue?

How do you know if your project is at risk or on budget and on schedule? Can you catch and identify suspect issues in your project early, before they grow too big to manage or resolve. Issues in complex projects may indicate your project is in jeopardy. Bracane identifies and provides mitigation strategies for project success.

You may need rescue if:

  • Inconsistent collaboration of departmental teams at project start up.

  • Inconsistent requirements for project sponsors and site participation

  • Insufficient support staff available to conduct oversight visits

  • If your project is clinical research-limited clinical research experience of sponsor or CRO staff required for monitoring and oversight of clinical sites

  • Inconsistent documentation of study documents and management

  • Inconsistent site/ investigator management of study reporting requirements

Benefits of Project Management

  • Bracane Company plays a critical role to provide strong, structured project management when dealing with complicated project elements like fragile and time-sensitive deliverables and expanding global footprint

  • Mitigation if your project is behind schedule

  • Bracane has flexible and responsive project teams that support collaboration among teams

For a free project consultation, contact us at mail@bracaneco.com or phone 888-568-4271. As a project management organization, Bracane provides functional clinical research project management and program evaluations.

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