• Pamela Nelson, RN

Celebrate the WIN 

Sometimes you can be caught up in your day and forget how wonderful your team and friends are around you. Thank God for allowing me to celebrate another birthday this week. My team placed a meeting on my calendar and I was set and ready with note pad in hand to discuss operations. Yet, my operations director informed me that the meeting was off site. Long story short, we get to the restaurant and my husband and the rest of the team arrived! I was so excited and happy that we were able to celebrate together!

A small token of appreciation is important. Celebrating the team and each personal contribution is important for building a business and developing a strong culture.

There are a few axioms that I have learned along the way in my career one, there is no I in team. The second one is, if you have no followers you are not leading.

  • We all have wins that we overlook or allow time to go buy and we miss the opportunity to acknowledge. Yet, we may not be able to see that our accomplishments are wins.

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