• Pamela Nelson, RN

Societal Ills Birth Change or Complacency

On behalf of Bracane Company, we are stunned that we are facing another crisis. There are no words to adequately express our thoughts for the devastation and loss that is facing us at this time.

The crises that the country has endured this year have put a tremendous strain on systemic inequalities realized and assumed that have existed for a long time. This country was birthed by immigrants fighting for freedoms against oppression, racism, and other ills of society. As with any nation, the societal ills can birth change or complacency. Everyone is right from their viewpoint. Our concerns are deeper than racial injustice; but on a grander scale where America is jeopardizing the freedoms that this country has fought to maintain from its formation, and its own wars for civil rights and equal rights.

I am praying for peace, solidarity and healing for the nation. Join me!

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