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Strategic Meetings for Small Businesses and Teams?

Bracane conducts an annual strategic meeting with all of our team members before the start of the new year as does many other companies to ensure that all of the team is aware of the plans for next year and to take a look at our wins and lessons learned from the current year.

This process helps us to identify trends, redirect and stay focused on the most important thing. I am very proud of our team members and the accomplishments over the past years. We have made some significant strides over the past few years to really focus on growth and quality.

The strategic meeting we conduct is over a 2 day period. It may seem like a waste but this is how we plan out our next steps. It all boils down to the noted saying failure to plan is planning to fail.

Steps for conducting a strategic plan for a small team

1. schedule a date

2. plan a team building or self discovery exercise

3. each owner/leader should identify areas that will be addressed from current year (how are you doing, what is working, what has not worked, income, expenditures)

4. provide the team areas within their respective roles and with goals and plans for the coming year. Request their view of what is working, what should the company start/stop doing, etc.

5. Allow time for Q & A from each area of focus for the business.

This process has worked for us for many years. There were times that we held this meeting off site where the whole team traveled to New York, or Florida or to downtown Dallas. However, the meeting is planned, it should be considered mandatory and the outcomes addressed throughout the year.


As a small business owner, I have an advisory team but my team that works with me and our clients daily is very important to me. They have their hands on the pulse of what is going on and can interject what is needed into our programs to keep them flowing.

One factor that I have learned is that I may have started the company and leadership is required but definitely, the team is the smartest group for me and I love being able to watch them interact and grow.

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