• Pamela Nelson, RN

The Best of the Best

I was reading different books, searching podcasts and youtube to study leadership. Then as I was scrolling, a thought came to me and I began to write about the qualities of the greatest leader I have read about. I started to list some of the key qualities that this leader used to build his team.

1. He provided training.

2. He focused on capability and not their resume.

3. He set the culture.

4. He allowed them opportunities to grow and provided a safety net to prevent failure.

5. He praised them when they did well and corrected them when they did wrong..

6. He setup opportunities for them to lead.

7. He modeled the behavior he wanted to see.

8. He fellowshipped with them.

9. He served them.

10. He shielded and protected them.

This man was awesome! His team of teachable, hungry and dedicated men built a legacy that has continued for over 2000 years! Incredible and powerful! I chose to continue reading about this incredible man.

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