• Pamela Nelson, RN

The Value of Interns for Small Business

As a small business, we face challenges often and the solutions can cost us more than a larger company. The costs can be the result of inefficiencies, lack of personnel and limited funding in order to bring in consultants to solve complex problems. At Bracane Company, we have been fortunate to partner with UT Dallas Proconnect and TWU Marketing programs. We were assigned a team of students dedicated to working with us to come to a resolution that is specific for our needs.

Companies located in the DFW area are fortunate to have universities with class programs that allow the student to work with businesses to solve real world problems for class credit. Our assigned teams have worked for an entire semester (regular semesters and summer).

Business owners, do the math, a team of 3 consultants plus a partner level consultant for 2-3 hours for 6/14 weeks can be cost prohibitive to consider.

We have found the program to be beneficial to solve problems for accounting, profitability models, and marketing programs. I am a RAVING FAN of the programs!

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