• Pamela Nelson, RN

You Can Have A Voice

While I earnestly believe that the media is a valid outlet to tell the story, the rate in which the media has twisted, or inflated events does not seem to work in most cases. However, I do believe that as with the discussions that we should seek to tell the story legitimately and continue to ensure that the right message is sent out that supports the cause and educates the public.

fic approach to addressing policy changes. Overall the readings for this week are in line with the course objectives. Utilizing the process for media awareness is a reluctant process for me although media exposure can be valuable to the process and not all media efforts are negative. As a group process, I would not allow my thoughts to interfere with the advancement of a program.

I realize that sometimes the political polarization tendencies can limit and impact a program or policy that may be of benefit to general public as a whole. Throughout the years, I have attended public policy days with organizations at either the state of federal level and getting to meet and talk with the leaders and their staff is quite impressive and rewarding. Regardless of political affiliation, there is a level of respect earned by the men and women who take on an appointment to govern the country.

I recently submitted letters to both state and federal officials from my area. I received a response to an email that was sent to the local US House of representatives, Van Taylor. Mr. Taylor is new to our area and replaced a congressman, Sam Johnson, who had been in office for over 20 years. Mr. Taylor’s staff rapid response to the concern that I posed about the “surprised medical billing” for Texas residents took me by surprise. I was not expecting such rapid response to the issue; however, I am grateful that I was given an opportunity to speak about my concerns.

The conversation needs to continue to support causes that affect everyone.

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