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Human Capital Resourcing Issues?

Let us staff your next project. Recently the "Great Resignation" has taken on a meaning for many companies that are facing a labor shortage in a number of labor categories. As the country exits from the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, several economic indicators have focused on the availability of the labor pool to complete the work.

As small business owners, the market for top talent is tight and candidates are seeking higher wages, more time off, flexible hours and other demands that seem out of the ordinary. But is it really? Consistently, the UK and other European countries work on average less days per year than the US. For instance, the number of working days for the UK in 2021 was 256 and for the US 260 days. Wow! just 4 days but the timing is critical. In the US, companies favor the employees that have the entrepreneurial "hustle" mentality. While the spirit of own it and get it done is admirable, for US workers this can translate to being available constantly for the job, answering emails and text messages after scheduled work, having a sense of urgency for non-urgent tasks.

Did the pandemic change our mindset? A number of mental health professionals believe that the pandemic caused us to rethink our priorities and values about work. For some, working from home was not an option nor would an employee have imagined making a request to work remotely or have flexible scheduling.

Our company is receiving fewer resumes of applicants that have the job skills that are needed to perform the work. We get a lot of resumes but in examining the resume or speaking with the potential candidate our recruiters determine very quickly that the person has not submitted a resume that is truthful but contains unrealistic work history or tasks that do not meet the job role. In reality, during this time where people are taking a break or just not able to find work that meets their skillset, there are those that are impersonating or operating scams to obtain the person information of people who may be looking for work.

Bracane Company provides operational and project management support for biohpharma, government agencies and insurance industry.


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