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Imposter Job Opportunities-Job Seekers Beware

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Bracane Company is sincere in our work and our mission. We hire team members that are dedicated, professional and demonstrate a high level of confidence and capability. Therefore, we do not resort to tactics and methods that undermine our profession or would not bring you the utmost respect for the healthcare industry. In a recent article found in ProPublica that a new form of cybercrime is rapidly increasing which scammers are using fake job ads to steal identities by offering work for high-paying, salaried positions, work from home potential and even payments before starting work. We have learned that these imposters use names of people such as

Predators and con artists are seeking vulnerable people during these difficult times and causing people to not use common sense about job opportunities.

If an opportunity seems too good to be true, accept that it is not or at least investigate. Do your homework and research the company, ask questions, request an interview in person or via Zoom or Teams. There are a few assumptions that will be evident for most positions: 1. You will probably interview via zoom or another platform where you can see the other person. 2. You will not be asked for your personal information such as your address or social security number for someone else to write down. 3. Most companies will do a background check for which you have to give consent. 4. You will not be sent a check to make purchases for any equipment before you start a position or afterwards. If a company wants to provide you with equipment, the items are purchased by the company and sent to you, or you may be reimbursed after making the purchase yourself. If the company sends a check or asks for your checking account information or cash App, this should be a warning to you. After they have the information, your account is at their disposal. These tips seem elementary, but I assure you that many people are being taken advantage of by these predators and the police and other governing bodies have stated these people are hard to stop because people keep falling allowing themselves to be tricked.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and the FBI investigate these crimes. With so many people quitting jobs and seeking opportunities for higher pay and remote work, these criminals are changing their tactics that create false hope. Unfortunately, companies that have real jobs with real payments available are receiving negative press or bad reviews from people who have been scammed.

Investigate companies who have unrealistic job opportunities, promises to pay high salaries that does not match the industry contact the FTC, or the platform where you were contacted such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Indeed.

Bracane Company is hiring; we are hiring Clinical Trial Managers, Sr. Clinical Research Associates, Registered Nurses, Phlebotomists and Pharmacy Technicians. Visit our career site and contact our recruitment team to interview.

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