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Mastering the Art of the 'Describe Yourself' Question in Job Interviews: Tips and Strategies

We have all been there. Sitting in an interview or important meeting and we are asked the question. “Tell me about yourself,” is often the first question you hear at a job interview.

The hiring manager may be stalling because they haven’t had time to study your resume, or they may realize that open-ended questions are an effective way to identify candidates who can fit in and perform well. In any case, they’re often deciding whether it’s worth continuing the interview based on how you answer this seemingly casual icebreaker.

There’s a lot at stake, but you can make the situation work to your advantage. Learn how to describe yourself quickly and compellingly so you can land more job offers.

The art of describing your self in an interview can be riddled with interesting words that draw your interviewer into wanting to learn more about you; however, keep the discussion relevant and not too personal or full of details that are too personal in nature.

Telling stories or leading information about spouse, children or where you live can provide information to that is not legal to ask during job interviews.

Use our guide to help you prepare for your next interview and make it a great time to share when asked the question and be prepared.

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Authored by Pamela Nelson CEO of Bracane Company, I bring over 30 years of rich experience in the healthcare industry, coupled with a profound passion for education and leadership. My journey, marked by years of hands-on experience in hiring and management, has been dedicated to fostering growth, innovation, and excellence in healthcare. As an educator and leader, I am committed to sharing insights and strategies that empower professionals and organizations to thrive in this dynamic sector. Connect with us on social and subscribe to our page.

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