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What Is Time Management?

Invariably many of people talk about time management and the need to better manage our time.

It’s easy to say that we are managing time but, we are only managing our actions and own expectations. When our world appears to be on schedule and we are not late or feeling anxious or rushed to complete tasks, stating that we are managing the time is easy.

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “It is not enough to be busy. The question is, ‘What are we busy about?’

Everyone has the same number of seconds, minutes, hours and days of the week. Yet, the productivity for each person given the same amount of time to complete tasks, etc. varies like the weather in Texas.

In our world today, some people recognize the value of time in relation to just a few areas economics, emotion, eternal.

Do you look at time as money?

Do you look at time as something to cherish?

Infinite timing of the world “the forever”


A gift that we get to choose how we use or spend it every day.


Interruptions- happen when someone or something is allowed to take your attention from the task that you are performing. Research has shown that interruptions for just 5 minutes can cause a loss of more than 20 minutes of time scheduled to a task because of the time that it takes for our brain to refocus and get back to the task and the rhythm that we were working.

Multiple studies conducted pre and post COVID-19 pandemic demonstrate that interruptions cause decreased quality of work.

The High Cost of Distractions at Home and Work

  • Power failure

  • Internet outages

  • Medical emergencies

Procrastination is self-imposed delays for getting tasks completed.

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