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The Return to the Office Debate

There has been so many discussions on the debate to return to work full-time, or remaining fully remote. Media and very large tech companies are all weighing in on their reasons pro or con for the RTW concern. As a founder of a not so large company, I want to add my two cents to the conversations also.

Bracane Company is a contract research organization providing solutions for operations of clinical reasearch and healthcare projects. Our teams, some global are so used to working remotely that the thought of coming into an office is foreign. I started in this industry in 1999 as a Clinical Research Associate for a major pharmaceutical company. I was delighted to work from home. The price was quite challenging as I traveled over 100,000 miles a year to many destinations, so the thought of being in an office when I was not on the road wold have been a no go for me.

Yet, now as a founder of a small company the debate of managing office space and teams that are remote and some coming into the office poses several challenges post COVID-19. We have had a mix of remote and in-office teams for over 20 years. Our core team that worked in the office now works Monday and Friday at home.

In a recent article, Elon Musk’s among the leaders of other large companies thoughts and rationale was debated and centered mostly around productivity and connectedness at risk. For our teams, we chosed to continue the hybid model primarily for sustainability to address our goals to reduce carbon emissions and increase employee morale. In essence, our teams that were coming into the office get two extra days at home.

In the coming months, our teams will evaluate whether to continue the hybrid model or have some teams return to office; however, the rationale will be evaluated on what makes the most sense financially taking into account considerations for lease space cost, cyber security regulation compliance, productivy and morale.

Bracane Company is a contract research solutions organization focused on regulatory consulting and managment of clinical trial operations. For over 20 years we have helped our clients to obtain FDA approval of medicines and medical devices.

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