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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Research has shown that the act of reading is declining as a fundamental skill globally. As access to e-libraries, reading programs, and the trend to get the “cliff notes” of books, this trend is concerning. Fundamental skills that many of us learned in school are not necessarily relevant at this time, such as writing in cursive and now printing. Recent articles report that many world-renowned people such as Oprah, Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates read several books a year. In some informal surveys, asking people how often or what do they read, many tell me that they listen to books and do not necessarily read the book along with hearing the words. Are we doing ourselves a disservice by not reading? Does it matter that we can’t spell the words or that we forget how to read text on a page? I developed a love of reading at a young age but ran out of books to read, literally. Segregation prevailed at the time, and the school library was small. We lived in the projects, and there was no public library nearby, but we had a set of encyclopedias. I read them over and over for years. When our family moved out of the projects, the public library was just 3 miles from our house; I would walk to Longview Public Library and read, check out books, and just really enjoyed having access. I still enjoy reading books and don’t like reading from screens for too long and will learn from the printed page more than eBooks and rarely listen to audiobooks. The good thing is that there is something that works for all of us. Because I read a lot, many of my friends say that I am full of useless facts until required for a jeopardy question!

I said all that to say, one of the guiding principles for how we behave at BRACANE COMPANY is to READ ALL YOU CAN!

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