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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

I was recently reading a book and read the word "return" was included in a sentence but was the wrong tense of the word in context for the idea. This caught my attention immediately because for the sentence, "returned" was appropriate.

This may seem a bit petty for some, but I actually stopped and looked up the word return in the dictionary. The meaning is quite simple. The Webster's Dictionary lists return as a noun and a verb. Of course many words fit into multiple categories but return just seemed to spark many thoughts as a object and an action.

Why do we Return?

We have to determine the reasons for the returning to a place where we have been before. Does the return bring about excitement or despair? Do we stop to analyze that by returning (to whatever -person, place or thing) we are we seeking the familiar or expecting a different outcome than we experienced before?


Risk aversion is a common factor for returning to the familiar. The concept of returning to the familiar was the most compelling argument that I have experienced. There is a level of comfort, reduced anxiousness and less fear to continue with a client, partner, vendor, etc. even if the resulting service does not meet expectation. I am guilty of this practice. I find myself not wanting to risk having a bad experience; so I will rationalize why changing to another product is not a good idea.

Take the Risk

I have often had to stop and really face facts about continuing with the same company or service just because the company was the standard, or I felt I knew their brand and was too focused on other things to educate myself on alternatives. The irony of all this is that I take a lot of risks as an entrepreneur, but then when it comes to changing my brand of makeup or cellphone service provider, I find it hard to even have the discussion about change.

I want to do a study on risk someday to answer questions why some are more risk averse and others more daring.

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